End of the Road for PostRankThe last post has blown for PostRank, with the company confirming the "sunsetting" of its popular social media analytics service, which Google brought last June, with users being advised to switch to Google Analytics instead.

This Post Has Been OutRanked

In a last post to users, PostRank is advising them that, "It is bittersweet news that we remind our users that PostRank will be sunset on May 1, 2012. The sweet part is that Google Analytics now allows you to conduct much of the same measurement and analytics that you’ve enjoyed through PostRank. We invite you to access the new Social reports within Google Analytics. Learn more about the new Social reports in our blog post."

The last post on the PostRank blog is from early April talking about how the service is being integrated into Google Analytics, and encouraging users to switch to that service. After the acquisition, many users worried if it would be shut down, with one ReadWriteWeb article covering the takeover going so far as to say "I am going to be sick."

You Will Be Assimilated

For those unfamiliar, PostRank had a host of plug ins into social media services and RSS feeds, it could score and rank posts by the number of comments, inbound links, Twitter mentions and so on. That helped find the most valuable or relevant posts.

While there are now lots of dedicated ranking and curating sites and services for various topics on the web, PostRank clearly had a place in many user's hearts and its many features will be missed. PostRank.com, PostRank Analytics, Top Posts widgets, and the Google Reader plugin, will be taken offline on 1 May.

The Google Juggernaut has rolled on recently with the launch of brand metrics product Active View Initiative and Google Drive, while Google Glasses gave us a peek into the future. Will users really miss their assimilated products like PostRank, and will this reinforce the image of Google as the "bad guy" in tech, after their "do no evil" early years?

Title image courtesy of Kevin Carden (Shutterstock).