Extend Socialcast for Your Enterprise with Developer API  Wannabe Socialcast (news, site) developers, the time has come to roll up your sleeves.

The team behind the collaboration software platform has announced that the official Socialcast Developer API is now available to every Socialcast network.

The API does what you’d expect an API to do: it allows developers to dream up and create new functionality in the form of native clients or internal applications. Additionally, partner companies can now share their Socialcast activity streams with each other. The cross-enterprise collaboration translates to something like Yammer, or Twitter for the enterprise, although Socialcast Founder and CEO Timothy Young claims it does not aim to be so.

For those who already have a Socialcast account, the API can be found by logging into your community, clicking on “Tools” in the top navigation bar, and then “integrate with the Socialcast developer API” at the bottom of the list. As for the newbies, you can sign up for Socialcast here.