Zoho Retires Some of Its Online Apps
In a move it described as “pruning the garden,” online application provider Zoho has decided that it’s time to retire some of its products.

The company said on its corporate blog that it has “launched many applications” as part of its online portfolio. But, in assessing how some products are performing, Zoho said, “we have decided to sunset some Zoho services so that we can focus our energy and delight our customers with other products.”

Till December 31

The products being shut down are Zoho’s Challenge, CommentBox, Planner, Plugin for Office, Share and Viewer.

The company said that users have until December 31st of this year to remove their data from these products, after which the offerings will be permanently deleted. Current subscribers to these products will automatically receive a full refund in the next few days.

Zoho Challenge allowed users to create tests and grade the results, and was designed for use in schools, coaching centers and businesses. CommentBox provided a tool for obtaining customer feedback, managing the feedback and connecting with customers in real-time.

Planner was an online organizer for making to-do lists, setting reminders, making notes and sharing information. Plug-in for Office allowed users to edit documents stored in Zoho within Microsoft Office, to sync locally stored documents with their online versions and to work collaboratively with others.

Share, Viewer

Share provided a centralized public repository for documents, and Viewer allowed users to create and share interactive spreadsheets online.

Zoho.com provides an online suite of business, productivity and collaboration apps. Nearly three dozen online apps have been launched by the company, including the ones being shuttered. Based in Pleasanton, California, Zoho said that it currently serves more than six million users worldwide.

Still-active apps include business ones for managing finances, tracking sales activities, invoicing, recruitment and creating mobile websites. Collaboration apps include ones for chatting, creating and storing documents, holding online meetings and tracking projects, while productivity apps can allow users to create and manage a calendar, create and share spreadsheets, and write documents.