Yammer Connect: New Plug-ins for Social Business Integration
 I've said it before and I'll say it again: Yammer is hell-bent on being the central hub of the enterprise. Today's efforts come to us in the form of a collection of tools and social plug-ins. Officially deemed Yammer Connect, the bundle spreads social functionality across an organization's entire ecosystem by injecting company intranets and business applications with Yammer feeds.

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The platform's open API encourages the power of community development by putting the right tools into the hands of anyone willing to tinker with them. Yammer Connect will grant thousands upon thousands of Yammer developers with access to additional resources for easy business application integration. 

“Since Yammer’s inception, making our API public has been an important part of our mission to create a more open, social and connected enterprise,” said David Sacks, Yammer's founder and CEO. “The new tools we are introducing will allow companies and developers to more readily share and discover information.”

These tools include:

The Login Button

Yammer's Login Button allows the plaform's users to bring their Yammer identity, profile information and corporate social graph with them to third party applications:


Does it remind you of the Facebook Open Graph protocol? It should -- Yammer's technology is based on it.  Perks include:

  • Trusted Authentication - Easily authenticate into third party applications using their Yammer identity
  • Single Identity - Maintain one business-oriented identity across the enterprise in a secure environment
  • Social Sharing - Share activity from third-party applications with colleagues back on Yammer

But mainly, by adding the new Login Button to their applications, developers can lower the barrier to registration and make it easier to achieve distribution inside the enterprise. They can also leverage Yammer user profiles, message feeds, and other components of the corporate social graph. 

Yammer Embed

First discussed earlier this year, Yammer embed is now in beta and will be generally available later this quarter. The tool enables Yammer feeds to be injected into existing business applications such as the company intranet or CRM. This means:

  • Increased Flexibility - Yammer can be added to any environment 
  • In Context Conversations - Real-time conversations are promoted in the context of the projects being worked on 
  • Uninterrupted Work Flow - Discussions can occur right alongside business projects without disrupting natural work flows
  • Content Discovery - Because all Yammer Embed conversations are logged, other members of the company can participate even if they are not working in the same application, prventing information from becoming siloed
  • Mobile Access - Users can also contribute to conversations happening inside other applications from their mobile devices

Javascript API

Yammer's new Javasctipt API helps developers infuse business applications with Yammer profiles, message feeds and the corporate social graph. All of the Yammer Connect plug-ins are built on the Yammer JavaScript API, and developers can also create their own custom plug-ins using the documentation.

Get 'Em

Both the Login Button and the Yammer JavaScript API are available as of now, free of charge. Yammer Embed will be free for the remainder of 2011, but will hit the 2012 shelves with a price tag: Yammer Premium. This falls in line with many  freemium strategies, which typically charge nothing for an application unless you want the most valuable perks. 

You can check out Yammer's pricing plans here.