Enterprise middleware specialist TIBCO is releasing Nimbus Control 9. The latest iteration of TIBCO’s business process improvement solution includes, what the vendor calls, an intuitive Web user interface for a “purpose-driven” user experience.

According to TIBCO, the redesigned UI offers upgrades in navigation speed, personalization, search, cross-functionality and efficiency. Cross-functionality includes integration with the vendor's tibbr social networking platform, ActiveMatrix BPM 2.0 business process management application and Business Studio process modeling/development tool. TIBCO says these connections enable "end-to-end engagement and collaboration" in the enterprise.

In addition, Nimbus Control 9 delivers tailored real-time data and search results to users based on their organizational role. Other improvements and new features include enhanced scalability for deployment to thousands of users, the ability to see key performance metrics in the context of process, a single governance process for all process-related assets, an upgraded iOS app and built-in, customizable compliance frameworks.

TIBCO Seeks to Enable Enterprise Collaboration

In September 2011, TIBCO purchased UK-based Nimbus Partners, a vendor of business process discovery and analysis applications that help companies drive adoption of business process initiatives. As CMSWire stated at the time, "Whereas TIBCO has traditionally focused on the automation of data, systems and processes, Nimbus allows business users to collaboratively describe and document all aspects of a business, from operational best practices to organizational and system models initiatives."

TIBCO is heavily promoting the "end-to-end" engagement/collaboration capabilities Nimbus Control 9 makes available, and it seems like the middleware vendor is making the most of the purchase, extending its traditional role as an automation provider to become an enabler of business collaboration and information discovery.

A Dark Horse Emerges

A recent Forbes article discussed how TIBCO is emerging as a "dark horse" in the realm of enterprise social software (Nimbus Control 9 is not a social solution per se but through its integration with tibbr can encompass enterprise social activities as part of its end-to-end reach) and enterprise collaboration. Forbes says companies are "reassessing" their human resources, seeing them as assets instead of costs, and enterprise collaboration and social networking technology can play a big part in unlocking the full value of human assets.

"We in the small-yet-stubborn social tech community have been talking about the big, transformative, game-changing benefits of enterprise collaboration for years," states Forbes. "But now comes the time -- and the opportunity -- to make this real for the rest of the world. Doubt that one company alone can do this. But there's certainly room for at least one horse to edge closer to the finish in this first big race."