The Greatest Enterprise Collaboration Tool in the Universe

Finally, some true enterprise collaboration software that works

I've been in B2B technology reporting for the better part of this century. You may be surprised to hear I've seen a few product pitches. 

Lately, the hot software product is the enterprise collaboration tool. Let's communicate. Collaborate. Share files. Share documents. Avoid meetings. 

Let's streamline all forms of communication into one platform and forget about the old days of disparate systems that don't talk to each other -- and in turn make humans bad at the same thing.

Collaboration with the Universe

Well, I've finally found the perfect tool. In fact, I'm one of the stakeholders. (Of course I think it's perfect).

You meet a lot of great software developers as a tech reporter, and I've jumped in with this awesome group on a platform that is (or at least will be when we're done) the best enterprise software collaboration tool on the market.

Connecting with your colleagues all over the world? We've got that.

But what makes us better than the rest? Our platform connects the universe -- and in real time. You can collaborate with anybody here. Colleagues, clients, random people, prospects, family members, friends, whoever you want. 

Privacy concerns? No worries. Just because you're collaborating with people outside your organization, doesn't mean they'll be exposed to all your goods. We've got security covered.

It's pretty low maintenance, too. We won't have to produce update after update. No promotional prices, then jacked up rates. Once you're in, you're in.

You can do a lot here, too. Send documents. Share files. Set up meetings. Get reminders about important to-dos. Flag important conversations. 

And we've got mobile, too. The platform can be used on iPhone, Android, Windows, whatever you've got. 

Integration Leaders

Everyone's got their own identity, so you know who you want to talk to. You can talk privately with one person or in a group setting. You can "check out" of a conversation with folks if you feel it's not relevant for you. Just don't respond -- or ask to have your name removed by the original administrator.

And by the way? Our platform will connect with all other enterprise software collaboration competitors. All of them. Yes, all of our competitors.

If you have existing collaboration platforms, they're going to connect to us. If you're having a conversation in an existing platform you wanted to keep, you'll be able to see that conversation in our platform.

We'll give you alerts to conversations in other platforms. So even if you don't use us regularly, we'll at least do you the favor of letting you know what's going on in OTHER platforms.

You see, we are not only the best at collaboration, but we also rule in integration. We integrate with everything and everyone. We guarantee our platform will be able to integrate with every other platform in the universe.

There you have it. Enough features for you? We think so.

The only thing left is to name the thing. We've batted around a couple of ideas, but haven't arrived at one.

One idea we really like we wanted to share with CMSWire readers and get some feedback. It's totally in beta, but it's a favorite of ours: Email.

What do you think? Have we got a winner?

Title image by 360b (Shutterstock).