Thank You Jive Lets Get Producteev

Put yourself in the office where teamwork and collaboration are defaults and keeping track of things — like who’s doing what, where’d you put that, when are you going to finish your part so that I can do mine, what’s the priority — becomes a nightmare.

Or not, if you have Producteev, a social task management solution, offered by Jive.

Producteev Now Available for Your iPad

If you haven’t yet seen the task management tool from Jive, it’s worth checking out. More than 100,000 businesses worldwide already use it.

While its Windows, MacOS, iPhone and Android offerings have been around for a while, Producteev for your iPad becomes available today. What’s nice about it, and Producteev in general, is that it’s easy to use, the UI is completely intuitive, it leverages natural language processing and that all the right stuff is exactly where you need it to be.

Not only that, but it has filters, so if you want to look at items due according to their deadline or view assignments by priority, it’s easy.

Ditto for adding and assigning tasks, sending reminders and linking to Box and Dropbox file stores.

We have a word of warning though, workers who use Producteev and make excuses or rely on scapegoating tactics, you’re going to get caught. Producteev comes with an auditing trail.

Producteev Pro: Fully Customizable

Chances are that your Enterprise, or at least a good part of it, does everything via Outlook. And we don’t need to tell you that managing tasks via e-mail can be an exercise in frustration.

This isn’t a criticism of Microsoft. Outlook wasn’t built for that. But Producteev was.

So when Jive heard its customers talking about how they wished they could use Outlook and Producteev together, they did what any innovative, entrepreneurial company would do, they built an interface between the two products.

Users who use Producteev Pro premium can now immediately turn Outlook e-mails into actionable tasks and experience seamless calendaring without leaving Outlook.

This is a fee-based solution but the Producteev + Outlook experience includes other features as well, like customizable task environments that can include company logos. The plan also includes personalized support.

The iPad app is free and available in the App Store. Information on Producteev Pro and its pricing are available on There’s an early adopter sale going on, so it might behoove you to check it out sooner than later.