Previously, we've reported on how various segments of marketers engage on Twitter from digital marketers to B2B marketers, as well as brands. But what about those who actively recruit marketers and brand influencers -- how do they use Twitter to connect and create open, informal networks?

Recruiters Go Social

Lest you think that recruiters are not relevant to social media -- recent studies show that 92 percent of companies use platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for recruitment, and 45 percent of Fortune 500 firms include links to social media on their career page sections. While Twitter has lagged behind Facebook and LinkedIn as social networks used to actively recruit new hires, it is definitely responsible for connecting audiences with brands and potential employers

What Influences Social Recruiters on Twitter?

A new report by Leadtail reveals insights about “How Recruiters Engage on Twitter" and shows that recruiters from all over the country, describing themselves as consultants, management managers or acquisition experts, are active on Twitter as well as a number of other social networks, many of which cross post content to Twitter.


Recruiters active on Twitter share a variety of sources related to hiring processes and management issues. The report shows that industry media plays an important role in defining the conversations sourcing professionals have with each other, their teams and ultimately, with candidates and clients. Content shared often features submissions from HR thought leaders and experts. Mainstream media sites are the second most commonly shared type of content and include leadership, business and strategy-focused content, along with sports and entertainment. 


Like other brand influencers on Twitter, recruiters also share content from popular mainstream sources like Forbes, Huffington Post and The New York Times. Recruiters are human, and like many of us, can't resist sharing content from Buzzfeed and other social content. When it comes to industry sources, recruiters prefer content from, Mashable and Business Insider. 

Sharing content is only part of recruiters' engagement on Twitter. They also actively mention and interact with others. Frequent mentions include a variety of hiring and management publications and thought leaders like Jessica Merrell (@blogging4jobs), Meghan M. Biro (@MeghanMBiro) and Glen Cathey (@GlenCathey). 

What Does This Mean for Applicants?

Why take the time to understand how recruiters engage on Twitter? If you're actively looking for a job or thinking about a career change, social media can be a viable network on which to engage. Furthermore, by examining the sources of information shared by those looking for prospective employees, applicants can learn more about the characteristics, issues and topics that may be the worth addressing within their resumes, cover letters and social media presence. 

We know that potential employers will take inventory of how applicants use social media. Though they might be looking for revealing photos or disorderly behavior, imagine how delighted they'll be when they see your commitment and interest to pertinent management and leadership issues! Considering that unemployment still persists, what better way to leverage social media insights than to make informed decisions for reaching, engaging and influencing these talent management professionals?  

Title image courtesy of kuppa (Shutterstock)