It's been a busy week in the social business space with Yahoo!'s acquisition of Astrid, Asana's upgraded task-management capabilities, and IBM extending its business process management software for social business.

Asana Offers Views of Thousands

Kicking it off  this week, Asana, which has been trying to re-organize the way we work since it opened in 2009, has announced significant upgrades to its workplace task management product that should make it accessible to much bigger teams. The Organizations launch builds on the premium plans released last year, building on capacity to a point where it is viable for enterprises with thousands of users.

To do this, it has added a whole bunch of IT and administrative controls that enable users to see entire team projects at a glance,  as well as offering tighter and more stringent control and organizational capabilities.

Asana has beefed up its workplace task management software to make it viable for enterprises with thousands of users.

Specifically it has introduced a new Team Browser feature that gives users a view of all the projects they are involved in as well as offering managers the possibility of seeing who is working on what and assess the progress of separate projects.

If you haven’t come across Asana before, its principal product launched in 2011. Its aim is to convince enterprises that there is value in organizing work around tasks rather than email. More on this as it happens.

Yahoo Buys Astrid

Meanwhile, Yahoo! continues to build up muscle as CEO Marissa Mayer expands its portfolio of offerings across multiple platforms. She has been doing that through building up technologies and products, or where she can’t do that, through acquisitions.

This time she has Astrid in her sights. It seems at this point that it is a done deal, but no details of the transaction have been made public.

According to Astrid's CEO Jon Paris, Astrid will be joining the Yahoo mobile team and will continue to build out its to-do-list task management app, although how it will be used is not entirely clear.

Over the next 90 days, Astrid will continue to work as is, and we will no longer be accepting new premium subscriptions. To make future changes as easy as possible, we’ll be in touch with users shortly to share how to download data …” Paris said in a blog post.

He also said that to date, four million users have downloaded the app and that Astrid won’t forget them!

IBM’s BPM and Social Business

Finally this week, IBM gets the last word on social business. While we looked in some detail at IBM’s take on the "Internet of Things," the release of its new business process and integration software can swallowed up in the excitement about the MessageInsight platform.

However, as all that was going on, it also unveiled a new business process and integration software and services that aim to address the growing needs of social business powered by big data, cloud and mobile technologies.

IBM says the releases will enable organizations to extend and connect their existing infrastructure to mobile devices and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies.

The result, IBM says, is that users will be to simplify day-to-day operations and reach their customers and constituents with actionable information anywhere and anytime.

It is also extending its Business Process Management (BPM) and Operational Decision Management (ODM) solutions to integrate with the IBM MobileFirst portfolio.