There’s a new social business platform on the market. The software-as-a-service (Saas) QŪEsocial offers what the company said is a “social business tool that extends beyond marketing and outside the firewall” to help companies gauge their social interactions against business performance.

CEO Patrick Rooney said in a statement that while many companies know that social media can be useful outside of marketing, “they don’t have all they need to make social a meaningful part of everyday work.” QŪEsocial points to its platform’s combination of e-learning, content delivery, gamification and analytics as a way to offer social business capabilities to sales, recruiting, customer service, product development and other departments.

QUEsocial eLearning

Gaming Engine

Rooney added that QŪEsocial provides a single platform that teaches employees how to use social media in their jobs, delivers “relevant and sharable content literally to their fingertips,” and utilizes a gaming engine to encourage adoption and performance. The platform currently supports Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and other social media services are expected to be added within months.

Gamification is the use of game-like techniques to stimulate employee adoption, motivate workers and consumers, and reward desired behaviors. QŪEsocial’s game engine is designed to guide employees from social media basics through conversion, which QŪEsocial defines as not only a sale, but also a new employee hire, the resolution of a customer issue or the innovation of a product.

QUEsocial gaming engine

Over 170 game-like challenges and 120 social activities are focused on stimulating social activity and sharing by employees, with more than 50 metrics and a leaderboard for measuring and highlighting individual and departmental successes in meeting goals.


The target companies are large, distributed work forces and small-and-medium-sized businesses, both of which, the company said, are looking for ways to efficiently deliver branded content and training. The SaaS platform is designed for use with a company’s existing CRM, learning management systems and other tools, and includes open APIs.

The content-at-your-fingertips approach is aided by a curated library of content that is assembled for targeted audiences and ready for sharing. Content can be shared by SMS, MMS or email to preferred social networks.

On-demand learning modules offer training, company policies and best practices when the occasion requires. The e-learning content is focused on sales, recruiting, customer service and product development, as well as on training targeted at regulated industries, such as financial services and health care.