Thumbnail image for Quandora.pngQuestion-and-answer for enterprise knowledge management vendor Quandora, has secured a seed investment from Kima Ventures to boost further platform development and accelerate its delivery roadmap. 

Feeding Enterprise's Desire for Answers

Last year, Quandora launched its enterprise questions and answers platform to help simplify the act of sharing knowledge within organizations.

To continue that push, the company announced that it has secured US$ 150,000 seed funding from Kima Ventures to boost its development, bringing Quora-like features to businesses.

Kima Ventures was co-founded by Xavier Niel, the entrepreneur behind France's disruptive and successful Free telecom, and creator of the Freebox, the first set-top box combining internet, phone and television consumer services.

With knowledge management a key area in any information-oriented business, the Quandora offers cloud or on-premises services to create living information resources and help workers, teams and distributed work forces find the answers to the many questions they have.

Using a straight forward Q&A format --  one that will be familiar to anyone who's used Stackoverflow or similar Stack Exchange services -- the process offers a simplified method of welcoming new employees at the beginning of their career, and can be used for corporate and team information sharing, and many other tasks.

Knowledge Management via Q&A

Quandora integrates with the likes of Google Apps,, Yammer, email and other services to appear in the right places to be most useful for users . It also makes use of social networking, game dynamics, and crowd-sourcing mechanisms to help generate content, and to encourage workers to keep contributing. 

The latest version of Quandora, v1.6.0, was released earlier in the month and includes new analytics, leaderboard and tag management features to create a better view for business leaders and to encourage users to get the best from the service. 

The service is free to test in a public version, or a free trial is available -- but you can instantly see how the company uses its own product to provide information here. In addition, the following video provides a quick introduction.

Quandora Pricing

Private business users can start from $3 per user per month for up to 25 users with more cost-effective bands stretching up to larger enterprise license. In an era of ever wider distributed workforces (despite whatever Yahoo thinks), Quandora could be a winning platform for serving as a simple, clear and easy to use enterprise knowledge repository.