N24 Launches Virtual Corporate University for Knowledge Sharing in a Global WorkforceInterested in corporate online training opportunities? Look no further than the Virtual Corporate University, a product launched by ON24, a leader in webcasting and virtual event solutions. Designed to facilitate an engaging and interactive learning experience, the VCU provides efficient delivery of online training -- to any device, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Social Learning for Social Business

The ON24 platform facilitates institutional knowledge transfer, peer collaboration and social learning, enabling organizations with the aim of building a more effective workforce while reducing the disruption and cost associated with in-person training. Not that online trainings are less time-consuming, but because they can be done anywhere, anytime, the time and costs associated with traditional trainings are significantly diminished.

sodexo Winter 2011 VM Screenshot.jpg
By implementing the VCU solution for its last winter meeting, Sodexo provided first-time training for new hires and job-specific educational updates to some 4,500 employees.

VCU features virtual auditoriums for company-wide presentations and virtual classrooms for collaboration and instructional sessions. Users can also take advantage of “one-to-many” presentations, for which VCU enables live webcasts, such as town hall meetings and large-scale executive addresses. The platform also integrate social learning applications, such as sharing, blogs, forums and group discussions, that encourage increased learner interaction and collaboration and replicate common elements of social business.

Integrating With the Global Workforce

The Virtual Corporate University also features enterprise integration so companies can connect to Learning Management Systems and collateral/document repositories, while leveraging VCU measurement functionality that tracks key metrics such as attendance, number of discussions/chats, documents downloaded and time spent in the virtual environment.  

With enterprise-class security, companies can be assured that only authorized individuals have access to the environment, and its “roles” feature allows companies to customize the experience and training for a learner’s position within the company.  

VCU’s mobility and flexibility is ideal for the global workforce and is aided by its geography-specific virtual classrooms, which enable country/market localization, with the ability to “toggle” between as many as 15 languages.

Making Learning a Priority

By giving users unprecedented access to online educational content in a scalable and virtual environment, ON24’s robust virtual communications platform makes it easy to make learning a priority. Whether it’s used for onboarding new employees, professional development opportunities, client education or sales training, VCU is bound to increase knowledge sharing while increasing attendance, training consistency and engagement.