Even though it’s cloudy in Redmond, Wash. today, it actually looks brighter.

Oops sorry, it’s you that looks brighter if you’re one of the Office 365 Business users who is getting first access to Office Delve. Microsoft begins rolling it out today.

Office Delve’s (formerly codenamed Oslo) big promise is to present you with the right information at the right time without you needing to look for it. It makes information “even more valuable” according to Julia White, general manager of Office 365 Technical Product Management.

We’re in the Age of Discovery

Gone are the days of frantic search, trying to remember where you saw something, who said something, who shared what with you, or where you stored that piece of content—Office Delve is going to put it front of you just when you need it and tell you everything you need to know about it.

At least that’s the theory. And given the advances Microsoft has made in machine learning and the richness of its Office Graph, this might just be the real deal. After all providing “ambient intelligence” is one of CEO Satya Nadella’s big promises, and the capabilities we saw around Power BI last year were impressive.

Office Delve’s user interface (UI) is intuitive as well. It looks like Pinterest.

And before you Office 365 admins start preaching about security, permissions and compliance, Delve respects those that are already in place. There’s no “accidentally” discovering stuff you have no right to see.

How It Works

According to White, Office Delve delivers by leveraging machine learning to map relationships between activities, content and people that occur across Office 365. It currently incorporates signals across e-mail, One Drive for Business, SharePoint Online and Yammer with E-mail attachments, OneNote and Lync to come soon.

Check out this video, provided by Microsoft, to learn more.