Kapow Delivers Real-Time Integration With SalesforceSince Kapow Software introduced Kapow Katalyst two years ago, the cloud application integration platform released a mobile app and integration with Sitecore. This week they announced Katalyst Apex Generator, an enhancement that lets businesses deploy Katalyst-built integrated processes directly into their Salesforce environment. 

Automate, Collaborate in Real Time

Katalyst users can now automate business processes and deliver real-time information from external web apps into Salesforce or any Force.com app. Doing so presents a picture of the information users need to take appropriate action.

As social business becomes more about bringing collaborative and flexible work environments into the enterprise, Kapow’s integration with Salesforce will be an attractive offer to many business users, by being able to readily provide access to real-time, self-service integration with external web applications.

Katalyst + Salesforce = Single Source

With the Kapow Katalyst Apex Generator, any Force.com user can automate the interactions with all of their external web apps in a matter of hours. Any application built on the Force.com platform can be the single source of information needed to support sales, customer service, HR or any other line of business.

Additionally, the Salesforce integration can be used with Visual Workflow, the Salesforce business process automation tool available free to Salesforce customers. Together, users can create apps that include business processes and information spanning many systems, all with no coding.


Overall, Kapow Katalyst’s integration offers provide the agility necessary to build and deploy business process from a variety of sources across platforms so businesses can eliminate disruptive and costly manual processes, while maintaining productivity.