If you don’t talk to Office 365, you don’t have an enterprise play. At least when it comes to productivity apps, that is.

OK, maybe that’s not true quite yet. But it soon will be.

That’s why Jive, a leading provider of communication and collaboration solutions for business, has built software connectors for Microsoft Office 365, including Outlook Online, Office Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

“We’re bridging the gap between on-premise and cloud versions of Microsoft Office and SharePoint to make collaboration and communication seamless,” said Colleen Jansen, vice president of product marketing at Jive.

Simple Solution

What this means for Jive users is that it will be nearly effortless to create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations, as well as email, whether they are working with Office on premise, in the cloud or somewhere in between.

And because enterprises are unlikely to move everything to Office 365 at exactly the same time, Jive can tie enterprises and systems together. It works across silos and serves as a communications hub that gives employees the tools they need to work across technologies more effectively, efficiently and across devices, Jansen boasted. These include Box, Salesforce and Cisco, among others.

What Does Jive Bring to Office 365? 

  • Jive Connector for Outlook Online brings relevant Jive content and conversations into Outlook email threads for easy reference. People can now upload attachments, create and reply to discussions in Jive and view personal streams within cloud and Windows desktop versions of Outlook. With the integration of Jive’s structured outcomes feature, people can also reply in line or mark comments for action to drive business outcomes. The Jive connector will be available for Office 365 Outlook Web Access and Outlook 2010, 2013 for Windows.
  • Jive Connector for Office Online eliminates the hurdles of working on Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations regardless of where they live. People can now co-author and discuss documents, spreadsheets and presentations in cloud and Windows desktop versions of Office, regardless of where documents live. With the addition of Jive’s popular impact metrics feature, people can also analyze the reach and sentiment of documents in Office 365.
  • Jive Connector for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business enables people to quickly and easily access and work off of documents stored in either location. The newest integration offering for SharePoint Online/OneDrive for Business syncs news and activity streams between SharePoint and Jive and easily delivers both to mobile devices.

The future of the enterprise is social, mobile, big data and cloud. Jive claims it now has you covered as you move from on premise to the sky and everywhere in between.