SaaS provider IntraLinks Holding Inc. has released IntraLinks VIA, an enterprise collaboration solution. With the solution, users will be able to work safely and efficiently in their network platform and business community knowing that their files are managed and shared through a secure system.

A Document Sharing Problem

Having a secure, enterprise collaboration tool where documents can be shared quickly and easily is a necessary component of any enterprise business since as a business grows, so does its paper work, documents and files. While there are other file sharing and collaboration solutions available, such as Dropbox, Box, Syncplicity, YouSendit and Novell's Vibe, IntraLinks has said that their clients were looking for an efficient file sharing solution that combined three key factors: usability, CIO control and security.

Our enterprise customers asked us to develop a collaboration solution that blends the security and control required by CIOs with the ease-of-use and productivity demanded by business professionals,” said Ron Hovsepian, CEO IntraLinks. “They wanted to go beyond just file sharing and create a collaborative space where productive work can get done, leveraging the tools they use today.”

Enter IntraLinks VIA

With this in mind IntraLinks VIA was created, a "secure and scalable SaaS platform for content sharing and collaboration within and beyond the corporate firewall." It has the following features:

  • Snapchat for the Enterprise: This feature allows users to set expiration times for documents to self-destruct. This can be controlled on a per-user, per-document basis
  • Share and Un-share Information: With IntraLinks VIA, platform users have complete control over any documents they share and if needed can un-share them at anytime to protect document security.
  • Expanding the Infrastructure: The platform can be integrated with any related tools, applications and workflows to improve the workplace infrastructure.
  • Intelligence and Workflow Improvements: By having access to regulated business environments and lightweight business processes, IntraLinks says that their clients will be able to work “smart and safer with the business communities you engaged with,” in addition to receiving domain support from IntraLink experts.

The new platform is now available to select IntraLink clients, with a public release expected in April.


IntraLinks VIA gives administrators the power to allow access on a per-document basis

IntraLinks Background

Founded in 1997, Intralink’s overall goal is to provide global and enterprise companies, such as American Airlines, Marlin Associates, Zain and the Tribeca Film Festival, with tools that allow their employees to share, work and collaborate in a secure setting. In addition to IntraLinks VIA, other solutions include Board Reporting, Manged File Transfer, Information Technology and Mergers and Acquisition. Individual products include: IntraLinks Connect, IntraLinks Secure Mobile and a SharePoint Integration tool.