Enterprise social networks is a ballooning sector, and the activity in this space picked up yet again this week with the release of Interact Intranet 7, a polished update on the intranet theme that includes search tools and a responsive design.

Intelligent Intranet

Interact bills its Intranet 7 as the intelligent intranet, and really, that sounds just about right. Technology is supposed to make things simpler for us, and it does seem like that trait should earn the intelligent moniker. When choosing a social intranet to use, however, that doesn't necessarily make it easier to decide which is the right option.

In April alone, we saw a handful of updates to Interact Intranet competitors like Socialcast, Telligent and tibbr. Even Moxie has gotten into the social network game with its Collaboration Spaces release. So we have a few updated systems over the last couple weeks, a major update from Interact and a totally new system from Moxie.

While Yammer, Salesforce and tibbr sit atop many analyst lists, Socialcast is in the second tier, and that's likely the space we're talking about with the Moxie's and Interact's of the world. Interact Intranet 7 includes a responsive design, a redesigned people directory, timeline, forums and search.

For comparison, Socialcast updated in mid April with a project management tool and a mobile version of its private messaging system (IM).


Interact focuses on a people centric design with this release, and important features like @ mentions are included.

Interact Intranet 7 is built around the tools people need to find people, files and documents they need, and to keep appraised of the projects they're involved with. The people directory, shown above, includes tools like endorsements for building up a skills matrix and presence that tells people when their colleagues are online in real time.

Integration the Decider

For those who need an in the cloud social intranet, Interact Intranet 7 can be had for US$ 9 per user per month. That's with an annual contract, a minimum of 25 users and unlimited support. That compares with Moxie's offering of US$ 3 per user per month, but on a monthly contract instead. While Moxie has a good track record with its other offerings, Collaboration Spaces is a new product, whereas Interact Intranet has been iterating its product for a few years now.

As we noted in our Moxie write up, it often comes down to integration when deciding which intranet to go with. While Interact Intranet 7 is certainly stylish and feature rich, it appears limited in its integration abilities. It does integrate with Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange, however. We'd recommend checking out both of them to see exactly which offers the right mix of needs, especially as they are relatively inexpensive compared to the tibbrs and Socialcasts of the world.

Tell us in the comments if your team has been using SharePoint, for example, and if they have been clamoring for a new social network like Interact Intranet 7.