Igloo Software has updated its web-based collaboration suite. On Tuesday, the Kitchener, Ontario-based company announced the next generation of its product, which features multilingual translation. 

CEO Dan Latendre noted in a statement that “the prospect of global expansion used to be a daunting process for small and midsized companies,” but the Web has changed that for marketing and operations.

90-Day Cycle

He added that the latest release eliminates “one of the most significant barriers to collaboration, making it easier to work together regardless of location, time zone and now language.”

The company is on an ambitious, 90-day development cycle for new releases. The newest updates are part of the summer release, Pearl, and also include integrated social analytics, enhanced file sharing and the ability to archive shared content.

The update’s multilingual support allows users to define language preferences and then share content in their native language, through instant or verified translations. Instant translations are conducted inline via Google Translate, and can be switched on or off. English, French, Spanish and Portuguese are currently supported.

Translated content can be verified after it’s been approved, in order to assure users that it is accurate. Verification is included with multilingual communities.

Social Analytics, Sharing

The social analytics reporting tool is powered by MicroStrategy’s business intelligence platform, and is designed to analyze such parameters as participation, influence, activity and engagement with such metrics as web traffic or the most influential contributors. Reports are available on an individual, team or community basis.

A new HTML5-based interface provides drag-and-drop file sharing, now up to 2GB in file size. The new archive function allows the removal of content from the search index via a retention schedule for content types, in order to improve relevancy.

Igloo’s cloud-based social business platform is designed to “share files, find answers, solve problems, locate information and expertise “ and tap into the collective knowledge of a company’s ecosystem. To do this, it provides resources and tools for team collaboration, partner coordination, customer support and document storage and usage.

The company says it has about 4000 customers in over 80 countries, including IDC, the American Academy of Family Physicians, AstraZeneca and the ATP World Tour.