The latest release from Igloo shows the company is thinking about the mobile worker. The Rockland update brings responsive design to mobile devices, and looks like it could solve some of the problems for those that regularly move between desktops and mobile.

Igloo Rockland, Igloo Mobile

According to Igloo, Rockland's responsive design offers users a consistent intranet experience no matter what device they are working on so that none of the tools available to desktop users become obscured once accessed on mobile devices. 

The switch between desktop and mobile often results in a difficult to navigate experience, even if in the same browser. With responsive design, content is reformatted to fit the screen being used, bringing otherwise hidden content to the foreground. 

Igloo responsive design.jpg

Igloo responsive design

With the introduction of the browser-based responsive design Igloo also released mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. With these, users get a stripped down experience, with the applications' focus being on content access, activity stream and micro-blog updates.

Email Integration

Mobility is also made easier through integration with email applications like Outlook and Gmail enabling users to email files directly into their system, start discussions and reply to posts without logging into the web application.

Igloo has also expanded its international reach with the addition of German and Italian so that it is now available in nine languages. The expected growth from all these upgrades will be supported by a new North American data center in Vancouver, which will be managed by Savvis.