, we’re live from info360 in New York. As we make our way through the many keynotes, sessions and exhibits, there are many trends we look forward to investigating, including the social workplace, the mobile workforce and how to manage all the information in-between.

Here's VP Marketing and Product Strategy, David Lavenda, discussing the results of a recent survey on mobile workers:

Don't SharePoint While Walking

This morning we stopped by the booth to see the mobile workforce in full swing. And we do mean mobile. Equipped with a treadmill, challenged attendees to try their hand at managing simple collaboration tasks within SharePoint on an iPad, while walking at a comfortable pace on a treadmill. The fastest time wins an iPad.

At the #info360 booth, participants SharePoint while walking, demonstrating's iPad launch.

This isn’t just a way to attract attention to its exhibit booth -- it’s also a way to highlight its latest survey findings.

According to new 2012 data from, 77% of mobile workers finish documents, proposals or presentations while on the road, with more than half literally finalizing materials in the 11th hour. Additionally, workers are working in interesting places just to get a signal, a quiet spot to login or just where they happen to be, but it isn’t always easy. 84% of traveling executives and managers report that they cannot work effectively on collaborative projects while on-the-go, despite increased enterprise adoption of iPads and smartphones.

unconventional workplaces infographic.jpg

More Mobile, Less Productive

The survey, fielded by uSamp (United Sample), was designed to help corporations identify pain points in and work toward solutions for on-the-go computing. Never mind that the survey showed that one in seven truly conducts business in public restrooms -- the real news is that’s survey found that technology gaps, specifically in enterprise collaboration tools, cause productivity losses and mistakes that are detrimental to business.

Consider the following: 

  • 54% reported lower personal productivity, and 43% reported that they are often missing key information to complete a project. 32% admitted that they often make mistakes in critical documents while on-the-go.
  • Of executives surveyed, more than half (56%) admitted to project delays or missed deadlines because of poor mobile collaboration, and 38% missed business opportunities altogether.
  • Similarly, 54% of the executives surveyed finish projects on the road at least half the time, Of these, nearly three-quarters (72%) finalize documents up to an hour before a presentation. 14% finish documents within five minutes of a presentation or even after the meeting adjourns.
  • Half of all respondents reported difficulties in getting input from colleagues in a timely manner with 41% working off potentially out-of-date documents.
  • Only 3% say that they have no need to collaborate with coworkers -- whether by phone, email or the like -- while working outside of the office.

Be Mobile & Productive’s survey makes it clear that increased demands and endless workloads are pushing the average corporate worker to travel-induced extremes. We’re not likely to get less mobile anytime soon, so what’s the answer? For, it’s the launch of for iPad, the first-ever product to bring Microsoft SharePoint document collaboration and social interactions to the iPad. Business users can gain access to SharePoint from both the iPad and desktop with the same user experience.

Even if you’re not a SharePoint user, finding ways to improve productivity while on-the-go is essential. As more of us find ourselves working from places other than our offices, the software we use should be as mobile as we are.