Social collaboration software provider eXo is releasing version 4.0 of its open source Enterprise Social Platform. eXo says the platform will offer numerous collaborative features and an intuitive user interface (UI).

eXo 4.0 homepage with social streams 

Open Source Enterprise Platform 4.0, which can run in the cloud or based on an on-premise architecture, is an out-of-the-box social intranet solution that includes website management functionality. The platform includes a web portal, content and document management systems, collaboration features and a social network. Collaboration features encompass offerings such as wikis, forums, calendars and documents, all integrated around activity streams, social networking and workspaces.

In addition, eXo tries to ease collaboration and integration by offering native Social Platform apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Based on the cloud, the solution can host multiple tenants in a single instance and supports IaaS providers such as Amazon and OpenStack.

Recognizing Mobile’s Importance 

eXo is stressing the mobile capabilities of Open Source Enterprise Platform 4.0 -- such as native apps -- in recognition of the importance of mobile devices for modern business. In September 2012, eXo debuted the Mobile 2.2 version of its Cloud Workspaces application. Mobile 2.2 allows activities such as editing documents from Android devices (even if they are launched from another app), updated mobile activities, and general ease of use and style enhancements aimed at mobile users.

Social Intranets Go Mainstream

According to the Social Intranets blog, although social intranets “are still struggling with going mainstream,” going mainstream is their next step. “Traditional intranets have a bad rap for being a dumping ground of stale data that no one uses or trusts that it is relevant or accurate,” states a recent blog post. “Re-focusing intranets to be centered on people rather than data has moved intranets to be a more reliable center of knowledge.”

eXo’s design of the latest version of Open Source Enterprise Platform seems to follow the tenet of focusing social intranets on people rather than data. By centering capabilities on collaboration and activity streams, the solution becomes a conduit for people to connect and share data, rather than to simply serve as an accessible data warehouse.

The Social Intranets Blog also reinforces the notion that mobile is a must-have and not an add-on. “It’s not social that will fully transform our intranets but automated personalization and mobile will begin to drive that trend,” states the posting. “Mobile will start to focus us on surfacing what is the most important tasks for the end-user and offering those tasks front and center no matter where, or what device, they are accessing the intranet.”

eXo Platform 4.0 will be generally available on April 30th, 2013 starting at US$ 2 per user, per month.