Android is gaining inroads into the enterprise market, with a fast-growing rate of activation. However, Apple's iOS still remains the dominant platform in the mobile enterprise setting, says a report by Good Technology. Oh good! But where does Windows Phone fit in?

According to Good Technology's Device Activations Report for the second quarter of 2012, Android activations grew 10% from 2Q 2011 and doubled from the first quarter of the year. However, at 28.3%, Android devices account for less than half of iOS devices activated this quarter. iOS -- including the iPhone and the iPad -- accounts for 70.8% of devices activated in the enterprise environment. Windows Phone was at 0.9%.

iPad Rules

Good further discloses that the iPad still rules in the workplace, with 94.5% of the total tablets activated this second quarter comprising the New iPad, which was released in March. The iPad 2 contributed "significantly," as well, which was attributed to the price drops implemented when the "iPad 3" launched.

Mobile Activations by Platform.JPG

Android tablets only made up 5.5% of the total tablet activation figures, but this is already considered a major increase from the previous quarter's 2.7%.

In terms of industry, the study has determined that the Financial Services sector was still the most active with mobile activations at 37.8%, as a result of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies popular among companies. However, the Business and Professional Services sector saw a significant decline in mobile activations, which was attributed to early adoption and roll-out of mobility programs earlier this year.

Looking Forward

Good says that the arrival of Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface tablet would have an impact on the relevance of Microsoft's mobile platforms in the enterprise setting. Google's latest Nexus 7 may also be worth looking into, although this particular tablet is designed for the consumer market rather than enterprise.

The study took into consideration three mobile platforms, namely Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Good tracked activations per month across "thousands" of corporate and government organizations with at least five activated devices. Good Technology says it does not have access to data from RIM's Blackberry, and so this platform was excluded.