logo_Dropmyemail_2012.JPG Backing up emails can be a very important part of your online routine. Considering how a single hacking incident could wipe out your entire digital life, having a safe and secure storage for your precious data should be in the mind of any enterprise, big or small. Singapore-based startup Dropmyemail offers email backups and more.

Email Backups Made Simple

Dropmyemail launched earlier this year with the goal of providing quick email backup solutions to small to medium enterprises. The startup's cloud-based offering takes snapshots of your email account -- which can be in Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Exchange or other hosted setups -- on a regular basis.

When necessary, users can then easily restore a snapshot and essentially revert the email account to a previous state.

But not everyone needs to do such a radical move, right? Sometimes, you might just want to clear your inbox of big files and messages so that you don't get those nasty quota notifications. Yes, I often get those on my free Gmail account, even with the perpetually increasing storage.

Dropmyemail offers free storage up to 2 GB, and charges starting from US$ 9.99 for 5 GB storage up to US$ 69.99 for 50 GB. Bigger storage needs are possible with special arrangements.

With the recently launched File Manager feature, users can essentailly use Dropmyemail as a cloud-based filesystem of sorts. File Manager lets users browse through attachments, and also offers a file-sharing system.

Sharing vs. Searching

Dropmyemail CEO and founder John Fearon highlighted the need for collaborative groups to share and manage large files through the cloud. "We recognize the need of individuals and enterprises to facilitate large file transfers. I believe that our file and attachment sharing function will fulfill that need," he said in a statement.

Dropmyemail's File Manager has two basic functions.

  • Share Attachment allows users to see, search and share all existing attachments in backed up emails in one convenient tab.
  • Share Files allows users to upload files to be shared. Custom links will be generated for these files which can then be shared via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and more.

The service has a free version, which users can use to share files up to 250 MB in size. Paid users only have their account storage as their file size limit. Users can get more space by deleting older files or upgrading accounts.

Hailed by e27 as the "fastest growing startup in Asia" at the 2012 Echelon conference, the startup has recently acquired U.S.-based OrbitFiles, and is opening a North American sales and business office in Dallas, TX, the company's third business office after Mumbai and Buenos Aires.

Dropmyemail can compete directly with other cloud storage and big file-sharing service, although the advantage is its basic functionality of cloud-to-cloud email backup, which reduces the need for a user to consume bandwidth and space while backing up messages and files.