dropbox_logo_2011.jpgUsers with full Dropbox accounts now have the opportunity to free up some space via an integration that loads videos seamlessly into the Vimeo platform through a Dropbox API.

Anyone loading videos into their Dropbox might be using up their storage space pretty quick, but at least this way it's easy to share those vids with people who may be more familiar with Vimeo in the first place. 

How to Set Up Dropbox App

Instead of logging into Vimeo from your Dropbox, it's the other way around. If you're a Dropbox user who would like to try out this feature, you'll have to create a Vimeo account first. We won't go into that process here, but once the Vimeo account is set up, then it's pretty easy to add on the Dropbox App.

Log in to Vimeo and go to upload video at the top of the screen. Then, scroll down to "Other Ways to Upload" and hit the connect to Dropbox link. This takes you to the My Settings/Apps page where the Dropbox app should be right at the top (because it's new!). 

From there, you'll have to authorize Vimeo to connect with your Dropbox, and there's also an option to allow all videos uploaded to Dropbox to go directly to Vimeo as well. Uncheck this box if you don't want that option because it defaults to allow full Vimeo integration.

Dropbox authentication window from the Vimeo side. Once connected there's a prompt from Dropbox to allow Vimeo access. 

Dropbox the Go To for Online Storage

While the Vimeo team is stoked to have Dropbox on board, Dropbox is already positioned as a storage dynamo. Yes, there was a bit of a security mess from earlier this summer, but Dropbox has already moved to start beta testing a new two-factor authentication feature to address it. 

Beyond that, Dropbox has been rolling updates and new features so regularly, it feels like a whole new ecosystem just since the beginning of the year. As leaders in the online storage space, we're liking the direction the company is going, and perhaps other vendors will follow its lead.

Specifically, we're wondering if Google will roll out a similar video sharing feature to YouTube from the Google Drive system.