Oscar Berg is excited about the potential of the digital workplace and what it can achieve. That excitement comes through in his writings and in his active voice in the community. Learn more about Oscar in this interview.

An Interview with Oscar Berg 

CMSWire: What first brought you to the realm of enterprise collaboration/social business?


Oscar Berg: During 2002 to 2004 I was involved in establishing a software development organization with virtual teams distributed across several locations. I was made aware of both the potential and challenges of establishing and running a virtual organization, especially the ones that had to do with culture and ways of working.

We experimented a lot with new technologies such as VOIP, Instant Messaging, wikis and web sites with collaboration spaces, and I learned that making use of accessible and easy-to-use tools to develop and adopt good communication and collaboration practices was key to make it all work.

When I started blogging in 2007, I got in touch with other practitioners who, just like me, were exploring how to use social software to enhance collaboration. I got connected with a lot of great people who shared my passion.

CMSWire: What project are you working on now that you'd like the readers to know about?

Oscar: Currently I focus on building a team with Enterprise Collaboration experts for my current employer. I also have a new and exciting assignment where the goal is to leverage IT Service Management processes with social collaboration.

CMSWire: What excites you most about your field today?

Oscar: I am very excited that the concepts of Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business are starting to influence and change a lot of the traditional thinking and ways of doing things in organizations. I find it thrilling to be part of initiatives that introduce new ways to design, run and grow enterprises.

CMSWire: Was there ever an "aha" moment in your career and if so, what was it?

Oscar: A real “aha” moment was when I first discovered how social media enables serendipity. I have experienced the magic that can happen when you make yourself and your ideas visible online many times. All of a sudden you might stumble on a piece of information that creates a new insight, meet a person you never thought you would meet or get exposed to a potential opportunity that might take your life or career in a new direction.

CMSWire: What would your one or two biggest wishes for the industry be for 2013?

My single wish is that more executives and CEO’s in particular, like Tim Cook at Apple and Steve Jobs before him, develop and act on the insight that to be leading in their industry, they also need to be the best at collaboration.

CMSWire: Is there anything else our readers should know about you?

Oscar: I am a doer. I love to achieve concrete, usable and durable results, and I hate producing paper tigers. The thing I am still most proud of in my career is that I created the concept and design of a new online directory service in 2004, now the leading online directory service in Sweden measured in traffic volume, and that the core concept and design is still there. Not many things live that long in the digital world.

Speed Round: 6 things you should know about Oscar

1. Right now I am reading

“Unboss” by Lars Koling and Jacob Bøtter.

2. Quote to live by

“Behind every problem lies an opportunity.”

3. The best word ever said


4. When not working,

I am spending time with my wife and my four, soon to be five, kids.

5. Word that should be struck from the dictionary


6. Best song ever sung

“The Scientist” by Coldplay