logo_2012_citrix.gifBring-your-own-device (BYOD) setups are popular in the workplace today, and it can be a headache for IT departments to manage access, data and applications across a variety of platforms. With this in mind, Citrix has highlighted mobile-enabling technologies in its latest release of CloudGateway 2 and Citrix Receiver client.

Citrix cites the need for better control over the different devices that an enterprise user will access data and applications from. According to studies, a typical corporate employee uses three devices at work, and one of these is likely to be personally-owned.

"[E]nterprises need to look beyond managing the device to managing the apps and data," says Sumit Dhawan, Citrix group Vice President and General Maanger for Receiver and Gateways. "With MDX Technology in CloudGateway, Citrix gives these enterprises an end-to-end solution that securely manages the apps and data, leaving device freedom in the hands of users."

Focus on Apps and Data

As such, there is a need for a change in perspectives, particularly with IT departments focusing on delivering access to apps and data to various platforms, rather than restricting the use of mobile devices.

Citrix CloudGateway 2 offers MDX, which is a set of mobile app technologies that offer centralized management, security and control over native Android and iOS apps, a well as apps written with mobile web markup, particularly HTML5. This includes the following technologies:

  • MDX App Vault separates enterprise apps from personal apps, giving the IT department a higher level of control over enterprise-owned applications;
  • MDX Web Connect enables secure access to internal corporate websites, HTML5-based mobile applications and external SaaS applications through dedicated browser instances in each app;
  • MDX Micro VPN allows apps to create a secure VPN tunnel through a company's internal network infrastructure;
  • MDX Policy Orchestration enables granular policy-based control depending on device, network type, credentials and login frequency. The system can even support restrictions for jailbroken devices.

FileShare Integration

Citrix CloudGateway 2 also supports access to files stored on the cloud through FileShare. CloudGateway will automatically provision and de-provision accounts whenever a user is added or removed from Active Directory. Files can be accessed through any device that runs Citrix Receiver, such that an enterprise user can switch across devices seamlessly, while still being able to access the files.

With Citrix Receiver available on iOS, Android and HTML5 platforms, users get consistent "follow-me" experience on their smartphones, tablets and notebook computers, whether these run on Android, iOS, Windows or mobile web. Meanwhile, IT managers get the benefit of enhanced security, as CloudGateway gives the ability to remotely kill corporate apps and and wipe out data from a device in case of theft or loss.

CloudGateway 2 is now available for download from Citrix or through channel partners.