Roughly one month after the release of Oracle’s Learning Cloud, Cisco has come out with its own news around what it calls “creating perpetual learning environments.”

With today’s release of Cisco® Collaborative Knowledge — a knowledge sharing and learning platform —  Cisco executives say they can help build smarter, faster, more agile workforces.

“The workforce is becoming more fluid, mobile, distributed and multi-generational,” Kathy Bries, Senior Director and General Manager for [email protected] told CMSWire. “In order to foster a culture of learning, you need to make all knowledge accessible to everyone.”

What It Offers


Featuring capabilities to support mobile workers, social learning, and the ability to quickly access experts within the organization, the SaaS solution also incorporates analytics to provide employees with continuous feedback about their learning.

The Cisco team gave us a brief overview of the product, which incorporated the following five features:

1. Mobile Knowledge

The platform will supply all employees with portable knowledge, accessible from any device – online or offline.

2. Expert Discovery

With Collaborative Knowledge, users have access to their own, personal LinkedIn network in which they can connect and identify experts via voice, video and chat.

3. Learning Management System

This portion of the system provides both prescribed and personalized learning, incorporating collaboration technology to make learning more accessible.

4. Knowledge Center

A way to institutionalize knowledge, the digital depository holds documents, files, videos and other learning assets.

5. Social Community

According to Bries, a growing percentage of learners opt to learn informally from peers or mentors, versus attending formal classes. The solution also incorporates gamification features for ongoing feedback on content, participation and people.

The Future of Social Learning

When asked about her impression of where the corporate learning industry is headed, Bries gave us this view:

There are various players in the market, and they’re all trying to find out the best way to get into this digital workplace solution, which is still in the process of being developed. It’s a whitespace, and the one who wins provides the best value to the employee, as well as to the organization.”