Bob Zukis has been a busy CEO since taking over Bloomfire in April. He and the enterprise collaboration provider are at it again this week with some updates to the platform in the areas of content creation, discovery, community and mobile.

Zukis has stated his case clearly in talks with CMSWire about the Bloomfire platform: Successful enterprise collaboration drives business results and stands out as more than just another Facebook for the enterprise.

"Most competitors focus primarily on providing static file management or a Facebook-style newsfeed," Zukis said. "Bloomfire enables true team-based collaboration by leveraging multiple types of content -- files, videos, web links, questions, announcements -- and putting this information in the hands of those who need it when they need it."

Platform Boost

So what has Bloomfire done lately for collaboration? 

social business, Bloomfire's 'We're Not Facebook' Collaboration Train Steams On

Bloomfire today announces new updates that "continue to improve the ability of people to work better together," according to Zukis.

The updates include:

  • Rich authoring feature
  • Increased homepage customization
  • Tagging other community members with @mentions
  • Crowdsourcing tags
  • Serving up related questions

"We now have a full OEM option, the ability to stash content offline and @mention support on our ... iOS and Android apps," Zukis said. "... We are an agile development shop and we launch new features as often as every week."

Why Bloomfire?

In a cluttered enterprise collaboration landscape, why choose Bloomfire, we asked?

"Everything we do makes it easier to enable people to work together and share the right information to help them do their jobs better," Zukis said.  

He boasted about authoring enhancements that create a "richer, more powerful publishing platform" for content authors. Homepage customization provides greater brand control to customer admins and a more robust content navigation experience for end users, he added.

"Discovery features in this release make it easier to connect with other people, to find content and to discover valuable content just-in-time," Zukis said. "The mobile features demonstrate Bloomfire's ability to rapidly rollout new features across devices and platforms and positions us strongly within both iOS and Android user bases."

The Bloomfire platform ranges between $5 per user per month and $12 per user, per month. It also offers volume discounts for larger deployments, external communities and longer-term contracts.