Automattic (news, site) has spruced up its WordPress iOS app. Version 2.8 fixes 31 different bugs -- including those that led to 3/4 of all app crashes -- and adds a photo button that allows users to shoot and blog, as well as a stats feature.

The “Quick Photo” button promotes the action-first direction that the WordPress app is moving in. In other words, rather than begin a post with WordPress, users can begin a post by taking a photo:


Meanwhile, the stats feature enables users to view their blog stats on the go. There are charts for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly page views, as well as top Post Views, Referrers, Search Terms, and Clicks for the past 7 days. The feature is available for all WordPress.com blogs, but self-hosted blogs need to have either Jetpack or the Stats plugin.

The WordPress for iOS app also localized, and adds support for 10 languages: Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Hebrew, German, Dutch, French, and Croatian.

Altogether, these changes make the app significantly more useful for keeping up with your blog, and by fixing the majority of the glitches, we're sure Automattic will attract a wave of newly interested users. Are you one of them? Head over to the official announcement here for more info.