In this week's episode of the rollercoaster drama, the wildly popular email service and smartphone play nice together, but for how long?

Google on the Go

After vanishing abruptly two weeks ago, the Gmail app for the Apple iPhone is back at version 1.0.2, with Google reportedly having fixed the main problem with notifications and sorted a couple of the app's more glaring issues, discussed via an update in its own blog.

It also promises that this is only the beginning with more features to come. Note, that if you have the original app still on your iPhone, you need to uninstall it before heading to the App Store to download the new version.

Google, Going, Gone

The failed app and its removal caused a lot of embarrassment for Google and has brought into question its commitment to the iPhone and iOS platform, given its need to service the Android market first and foremost.

However, if this version of the app works okay, and Google delivers the promised improvements, then perhaps the unfortunate start can be put down to teething troubles. If not, expect several more updates to this story, which has already run on longer than anyone hoped.