SpringCM Releases Content Management Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android While the ability to gain access to content through smartphones or other mobile devices was a welcome step forward, it's just not enough any more. Workers are now looking for the ability to interact with that content and initiate business processes. SpringCM has introduced a new range of apps that does that with its content management software.

Mobile Document Collaboration

There’s little need to introduce SpringCM here -- it's been in the news often enough to be a familiar name across the content management industry -- but its apps for iPad, iPhone, Android are new and free to SpringCM customers.

At least, the full general releases of the iPad and iPhone apps are available from App Store already, while the Android version is available in pre-release and will be generally available this month.

With them, mobile workers will be able to not only have access to their content, but complete tasks and initiate processes using the content stored in SpringCM securely and safely.

And it seems that this is the most important single feature that mobile workers are looking for, according to research carried out across the SpringCM client base.

SpringCM Mobile Device Photo.jpg
SpringCM Mobile

The TechValidate study indicates that 88% of Spring CM customers reported that the ability to update content status, change due dates and assign reviewers from their mobile devices as important when making buying decisions.

A further 63% reported that one of the top business challenges for mobile content is reviewing and approving content.

…Beyond just basic personal file sharing, businesses need a complete content management system at their fingertips…We know it’s not just about sharing files, it’s about sharing work…” said Christopher Junker, CEO, SpringCM.

iPHone, iPad and Android for SpringCM

The result is a number of new features, including:

  • Document collaboration by sharing files using links
  • Document approval with status and metadata update
  • Access to versions for comparison and reference
  • Search and navigation with one-tap access to most recently viewed content

For the iPad and iPhone version, go to the App Store; for the Android version, the general release is later this month.