Opera releases new SDK

If Macworld wasn't enough to excite you all, worry not, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicks off today in Las Vegas and runs through January 11. The all-star lineup includes our dear friends at Opera who, aside from a few exciting happenings around their mobile broswer, remained relatively quiet in 2008. But because they spent the bulk of that down time working on their new SDK (unveiled at CES), we're willing to forgive and forget.

The Highlights 

Let's get straight to business with this one, shall we? The new and improved Opera SDK features: 

  • Access to Opera Link: A bookmark synchronization service, Opera Link makes your bookmarks and other useful information available wherever you go -- at work, at home, on your phone, on the road and even on your Wii. This is because Opera's Devices SDK allows hardware manufacturers to build browsers for their hardware devices like TVs, media players, cell phones, or gaming consoles. 
  • Opera Zoom: Opera's new hardware-accelerated zooming capability for devices with small screens. While not as smooth or intuitive as Apple's multi-touch gestures, Opera Zoom can hold its own.
  • Opera Dragonfly: Opera's live debugging toolset is now integrated! Opera Dragonfly is a cross device, cross platform debugging environment for the Opera browser -- debug JavaScript, inspect and edit CSS and the DOM, and view any errors. 


Changing The Standard

Nowadays, you pull out a phone that isn't web browsing enabled and people are going to compare you to Zach Morris when he pulls out that tank of a "cell phone" in the later episodes of Saved By the Bell. It's just not cool, man. 

Opera's extension of their browser and bookmark syncing to hardware devices like TVs and gaming consoles is only going to further an effort that's also being worked on by competitors like Mozilla and other browser developers. Meaning: the browser wars are only just getting started.