In a time when mobile devices outnumber PCs, having a mobile-optimized web presence is no longer considered a luxury, but a necessity. Data from ComScore revealed that in January of this year, Americans used smartphone and tablet apps more than PCs to access the Internet -- for the first time in history. Moreover, according to The Diffusion Group, a quarter of all broadband households in the US also own a TV set with internet connectivity, making the ability for a company’s website to adapt its user experience beyond the PC more important than ever before.

A New Option

For companies that have yet to implement a mobile user experience due to a lack of resources available to redesign their entire web architecture, there’s another option. Netbiscuits launched a cloud-based Device Routing tool, which allows businesses to route web traffic to the appropriate online experience based on the type of device used to view the website. This tool organizes device traffic into one of four "themes" for what the company promises is quick and accurate routing of connecting devices.

There’s no need to build a new mobile site, with only a single line of code written in JavaScript and embedded into the header of a web application, businesses can match visitors with the right web experience based on their device type. The company claims it's the first solution of its type on the market to offer preconfigured detection for smartphone, tablet, PC and feature phone in one screen interface.

Know Your Mobile Experience

Netbiscuits also launched The Vault, a library containing thousands of mobile device profiles and contextual user data, including smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs and wearable devices. According to Daniel Weisbeck, CMO and COO, Netbiscuits, due to a lack of consistency among vendors, “The term ‘mobile experience’ is not a singular category, but must take into account the different devices, operating systems and other variables that make mobile such a rich, yet complex landscape.”

The library contains 8,038 device profiles, more than 200 operating system profiles and 496 unique browser sources to ensure that the user experience is correctly matched to the device used. The Vault provides insight into screen size, CPU, display, touch interface, video readiness and more.

Research conducted by Google reveals that half of consumers say they won’t return to a website if it doesn’t load properly on their mobile devices. If that’s not a reason to ensure that your visitors are receiving the right user experience for their device, I can’t imagine what is.