Having a tablet-friendly website is rapidly rising up the tick list of must-haves for anyone selling online. Mobify takes the hard work out of desktop browser to mobile or tablet browser conversion, fine-tuning and optimizing your site along the way.

The Tablet is the Future

With rapidly increasing home use of tablets, thanks to the success of the iPad and the Kindle Fire, having a site that looks good on a tablet is an imperative for anyone trying to sell or attract business. Hand modifying your existing code, especially over large or complex sites could be a frustrating and time-consuming exercise.

Enter Mobify, another in a rush of companies, who promise to do all the hard work for you with its tablet-optimization tool. This helps convert your old site to a neat HTML 5-friendly solution with a restructured layout, faster load times and other tricks. From gesture recognition and improved readability of text and rescaled images, Mobify makes the tablet experience a better one for visitors to your site.

The company has already been doing this within the tighter confines of the smartphone screen, so is well placed to evolve its services to something with more real estate. With the launch of the iPad 3 just around the corner, and Windows 8 tablets due this year what better time to tart up your site? With tablet users more likely to buy, according to the WSJ, not having a tablet friendly site could hinder your business.

Look Good for the Big Screen

While larger companies can afford a full blown app and a team to design bespoke tablet sites, others can't. Which is where Mobify can step in. It will allow site owners to update their original site and the tablet site will automatically be updated to keep in step, so there's no hassle of updating multiple sites.

Mobify works as a JavaScript framework for client-side site transformation. It uses web standards like HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript to give developers full control over all parts of any web page. With Mobify, it is easy to deploy, integrate and maintain a solid mobile and tablet website.

That better site experience could bring improved sales from the tablet, lead to better ad conversions and so on. Get in touch with Mobify to discuss pricing. We covered a similar service from Pressly last year and there are many others, so shop around for the service that best suits your needs.