AppCentral's Developer Lab Provides a Free Multi-Platform Sandbox for App Development
With several major mobile platforms available for users, application developers might find it difficult to do actual testing to ensure their apps work as intended on different platforms. AppCentral's (news, site) newly launched Developer Lab provides tools for sandbox testing and multi-platform deployment of applications, with focus on the enterprise market.

AppCentral's Developer Lab is an ecosystem for developing and managing applications designed for organizations that intend to build and maintain business-to-employee (B2E) applications mostly for internal use. This stems from the trend that businesses are increasingly looking into mobile tools, but find it hard to deploy these to personnel given differences in mobile platforms. Developer Lab will provide the tools for developing, testing and deployment on Android, iOS, BlackBerry and other mobile platforms via web.

Cross-Platform Testing, Publishing

AppCentral Developer Lab includes several components that can be used for managing and deploying applications. Members of the developer program get to enjoy lifecycle management of enterprise apps from conception, to deployment to updates, with the following benefits:

  • Developers Storefront Testing Tool -- Account holders get a free version of AppCentral's Enterprise Store, in which apps can be tested and deployed to a live environment of up to 20 users.
  • AppCentral Titanium Platform -- AppCentral has partnered with Appcelerator to provide a cross-platform solution that lets developers build-once and deploy-to-many. Titanium build native applications for iOS, Android and BlackBerry without the need to build and re-encode everything in their respective programming languages.
  • Developer Deployment Solution -- AppCentral's mobile app distribution system can manage deployment and updates to anywhere from a small team to an entire organization. This includes managed updates, remote updating and curation through a simplified interface. Deployment can be managed on a cross-platform basis, meaning you're not limited to controlling apps for a single type of mobile OS.
  • Information and Resources -- Being part of the AppCentral community also gives members access to developer discussions, where users can gain insights and share best practices on app development.

Will It Cost an Arm and a Leg?

AppCentral Developer Lab is a free resource that provides up to 20 licenses for app testing and deployment. Custom enterprise apps can get up to four updates per year. Organizations with bigger requirements can graduate to AppCentral's Enterprise Store for more robust distribution, security and administration of cross-platform applications.