Out of Northern Ireland, JamPot will be attending the HTML5 Mobile App Workshop in Los Angeles next week to show off its new all-mobile AppBuilder.

Building on the Target Box

Apps are rapidly falling into the domain of all users. No longer will specialist coding skills be needed, or even a computer, if JamPot has its way. The company has been developing AppBuilder, which runs on your iPhone or Android device (as well as on a PC or Mac if the desire takes you). Users can create apps by dragging and dropping components, editing text and importing content from the social web.

It can also make use of your phone's features with the camera, microphone and GPS to build feature-rich apps. The app is available in private beta for now, with a full launch to coincide with the HTML5 mobile apps event in Los Angeles in October, having already picked up a Best App award from a Dublin mobile showcase event earlier in the month.

The aim of AppBuilder is to get rid of the complexities of dealing with diverse platforms and protocols, simplifying the process of creating and launching an app to non-programmers.


Build your iPhone apps on your iPhone

HTML5 is Hot

The HTML5 Mobile Apps Workshop takes place at the end of October and will provide a showcase for mobile apps as part of the wider mobiCASE event. Discussions will be held around the themes of challenges associated with using HTML5 on mobile devices and whether HTML5 is a viable alternative to the native app and app stores.

If nothing else, the trip will give the developers a chance to improve on their rubbish holiday t-shirt collection -- that is, when the team is not busy working toward its ultimate goal of enabling users to write one app and deploy it to every screen with invisible content updates.

Jampot’s research is looking at two issues here: Using cross-platform techniques to generate mobile applications, and using HTML5 for applications that work on a variety of platforms/screens.