Adobe CreatePDF for iOS devicesAdobe Systems recently launched an application for iOS devices that lets users author files in Portable Document Format straight from their mobile devices. With CreatePDF, users can author PDFs that will appear onscreen the same way on a computer, mobile device or web browser.

Create PDFs From the Cloud

With a diverse ecosystem of computing devices, including mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, documents often appear differently when viewed on different devices. While desktop computers can convert documents into PDF, most mobile devices don't have enough computing power to do this. But with Adobe's CreatePDF, the actual conversion process is done in the cloud using Adobe's online service. Documents published as PDF can then be sent via email or shared through other compatible iOS apps.

Adobe CreatePDF embeds itself in the iOS
Adobe CreatePDF embeds itself in the iOS "share" list for PDF creation

Dubbed as the Adobe Acrobat for iOS devices, Adobe CreatePDF lets users convert documents such as Microsoft Word DOC, Excel XLS and PowerPoint PPT into PDF. The software also supports images from Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and inDesign, as well as various image types such as JPEG, Bitmaps, PNG, GIF and TFF. Text and rich-text documents are also supported, as are document formats from popular free and open-source Office suites such as OpenOffice and StarOffice.

One-Click Conversion to PDF

The application works by embedding itself in the iOS device's Share button, and users can click on the CreatePDF button and the app will run the conversion process. While a cloud-based service, Adobe says it will not store an online copy of the converted file, for security and privacy.

Adobe CreatePDF converts PDF files via the cloud, to save system resources
Adobe CreatePDF converts PDF files via the cloud, to save system resources

Adobe CreatePDF is available from the Apple iTunes store, and retails for US$ 9.99. The application supports iOS devices running version 4.3 and above, and includes the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, 3rd and 4th-generation iPod Touch, iPad and iPad 2.