We've been ravished by an early on-slot of Spring here in San Francisco this week. It has been rather distracting and makes one want to stick around for the up coming Drupalcon SF and Gilbane SF events, just to name a few.

Meanwhile, we're heading for the door just as fast as possible. But just before the shoes slap the pavement, here's a big thanks to the current CMSWire sponsors (follow them on Twitter). It's you who have kept our wheels turning and the keyboards merrily clacking. We are thankful.

Current Sponsors

  • Acquia -- Providers of enterprise support and hosting services for the Drupal CMS.
  • Ademero -- Affordable document management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.
  • Bridgeline iApps Content Manager -- A SaaS Framework for applications, content management, commerce and analytics.
  • Bitrix CMS -- Full-featured content management and Enterprise 2.0 solutions for small and medium size businesses.
  • Day Software -- Winner of the 2009 Infoworld Best Web CMS award.
  • Ektron -- Makers of one of the leading .NET web content management systems.
  • EMC - Sophisticated document management systems for departments and mid-sized organizations.
  • Ephox -- Rich web content editing which blends ease of use with an enterprise API.
  • eTouch SamePage -- The enterprise-grade wiki solution that combines the best of wikis and blogs to effectively support and streamline collaborative team efforts.
  • eZ Systems -- Makers of the eZ Publish open source web content management system.
  • JBoye Events -- High impact gatherings and reports for web practitioners. 
  • Kapow Technolgoies -- Tools for automating content migration tasks.
  • Open Text -- Realize the full power of SharePoint enterprise content management via Open Text integration.
  • Percussion -- The Percussion CM System empowers enterprise marketers to create, manage and optimize content across multiple channels.
  • SDL Tridion -- Enterprise web content management for multi-lingual and multi-national organizations.
  • Sitecore -- Enterprise grade web content management with a strong eye towards .NET friendly tools and APIs.
  • Siteworx -- A full service interactive agency, Siteworx designs scalable systems for human interaction.
  • Telerik Sitefinity -- A light-weight, modular and accessible ASP.NET web content management system that pleases both the developers and the marketers.
  • TERMINALFOUR -- An enterprise class web content management and portal system targeted at medium to large organizations.
  • The Real Story Group -- The analyst firm covering and uncovering the details of the content management industry, including an in-depth SharePoint report.
  • …and of course dear old uncle Google

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The Blacklist of Shame: Bulldog Solutions, Inc.

Sadly, we also feel compelled to note that not all of you are so fabulous. This week our blacklist super star is Austin-based Bulldog Solutions, Inc. (CEO - Rob Solomon, President - Todd Davison, and totally unresponsive VP of Finance - Andrew Peoples). The Bulldog folks have been rep'ing companies like Open Text, Marklogic and Siteworx.

What the company's clients may not know is that Bulldog doesn't pay small media companies like us when they feel they have other priorities (we know from repeat performances). So dear Bulldog, since -- when it's not to your liking -- you don't return emails or phone calls, we'll ask you publicly: Isn't 6 months long enough to sit on our invoices? According to the IAB Terms & Conditions, it's far too long and you're breaking the industry rules by not paying within 30 days of invoicing and by not responding to requests for information. I just want to be sure that all your clients are aware of how you do business and just what kinds of seeds you're sowing for them.