The big news with Yahoo! is obviously its latest talent acquisition, particularly in appointing erstwhile Google VP Marissa Mayer to its CEO post. But in the Asia Pacific, Yahoo! Japan is making a big move for the cloud computing market, with its acquisition of cloud-storage firm Basho.

Yahoo! Japan has invested in the data center infrastructure business in Japan through its subsidiary IDC Frontier. Earlier this week, US-based cloud and database technology company Basho has announced that IDC Frontier is making a US$ 6.1 million strategic equity investment in the company. Under the investment, IDC Frontier will be integrating Basho's Riak distributed database and cloud-storage technology within its own cloud computing platform.

Growing the Business

With this investment, IDC Frontier will be able to accelerate its expansion throughout the Asia Pacific region. Basho CEO Donald J. Rippert highlighted IDC Frontier's marketing as an important factor in reaching as wide an audience as possible. "IDC Frontier’s market leadership position and high quality infrastructure will be complimented perfectly by Basho’s technology, which emphasizes availability, scalability and high-performance at its core," he said.

This investment follows a US$ 5 million Series F financing raised in June 2012 through Georgetown Partners. The total capital infusion of US$ 11.5 million will be used by Basho in scaling up its technology and operations to meet with the demand in the "rapidly emerging market for distributed data technologies."

Scalable Solutions

Basho launched the Riak platform in 2011 and significantly updated this with Riak CS in March 2012. Riak CS is a distributed database that offers multi-tenant capability and extensibility through an Amazon S3-compatible API. IDC Frontier will integrate the Riak CS technology in offering customers a distributed cloud storage offering that scales with the company's data centers across the region.

Yahoo! Japan is a joint venture between Yahoo! and Softbank Corp, Japan's biggest mobile carrier. Yahoo! has reportedly considered selling its stake in the venture, similar to its sale of half its stake in China's Alibaba Group earlier this year. With the recent appointment of a new CEO, though, the company is likely to undertake more due diligence in considering such a divestment.