It's a wrap. The (Super Bowl XLV) weekend has arrived. And in a pint sized portion here is a quick review of what happened this week, in our non-sports world.

Our editorial focus the month is on how mobile devices are changing our professional lives, and Barb Mosher kicked things off recognizing that while mobile is a priority, you might need some guidance launching your mobile channel.

Rupert Murdoch did his part, with the launch of The Daily, the first iPad-only newspaper. The technology is nifty, but the content still needs to prove it can stand on its own -- so far we're feeling rather lukewarm.

IBM, never one to sit still, launched a new social business initiative at Lotusphere 2011. Analyst firm Gartner predicted that the enterprise software market would exceed US$ 250 billion in 2011 and identified 5 key trends for enterprise software.

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