SpringCM Integrates Salesforce Chatter SpringCM has been busy again after offering free document management functionality last week to its VIP cloud content platform. This week, it has integrated Salesforce Chatter so users are kept up-to-date through Chatter when objects are added, or updated, in SpringCM.

It sounds like a small, simple thing, and according to SpringCM it actually is, as it requires no extra development or configuration. But like many simple things, it should prove incredibly useful as it will keep users informed of what's coming and going out of their system.

This will be particularly telling, as a recent internal survey by SpringCM, which also precipitated the recent addition of document management, showed that users were looking to having more documents in with the correct Accounts and Opportunities (or other Salesforce objects).

Chatter, Salesforce

Roger Bottum, Vice President for Marketing at Spring CM, told CMSwire that there are two principal ways Chatter abilities are extended. These include:

1) Making it easier to get content associated with Salesforce objects so more content gets into Salesforce

2) Once it's there, make it automatic through SpringCM for Chatter to notify users of any new or updated documents associated with specific users or objects, e.g. Opportunities that they're already following.

The really powerful piece is making more documents a part of this self-defined stream of what matters to me as an individual business person,” he said.

Additional Functionality

SpringCM's free VIP Edition has made it simpler for organizations to move at the speed of social. For example, sales executives are notified when account plans and proposals are completed.

Other new features include:

  • Enabling users comment and interact around the document through Chatter
  • Chatter post includes a link to the document in the associated folder in SpringCM
  • Single point user management as users
  • Single point of security as Chatter notifications generated by SpringCM respect the Salesforce security model

The new integration with Salesforce Chatter is delivered as a part of the SpringCM free VIP Edition for Salesforce.