Rackspace is so confident with the new release of its private cloud software on its cloud computing open source OpenStack creation, it's guaranteeing success for enterprise workload production.

The San Antonio, Texas-based managed hosting provider debuted its private cloud in the summer of 2013, and now beefed up its offering with a 99.99 percent OpenStack API uptime guarantee, increased scalability to hundreds of nodes and DevOps automation services for application lifecycle management.

"Arguably the most exciting thing about this is we're backing it with an industry-leading OpenStack API uptime at 99.99 percent," Christian Foster, Rackspace Private Cloud director of marketing, told CMSWire. "OpenStack is four years old and is maturing with the technology. The market is looking for a provider to stand behind its product in a big way, and that's what we're doing here. If we don't meet this uptime monthly, our customers will be receiving credit from us missing that number."

A Little History

Rackspace Hosting in 2010 announced a new open source cloud platform, OpenStack. The hosting platform vendor teamed up with NASA and other technology leaders to provide an open platform for any organization wanting to create and offer cloud computing capabilities (public or private).

information management, Rackspace Guaranteeing Enterprise Success With Private Cloud

Fast forward to June 2013, and Rackspace debuted its private cloud software on OpenStack Grizzly, the latest version of the OpenStack system. The release was said to add virtual networks and active directory integration to the private cloud.

Meet Icehouse

Today, Rackspace's offering -- on what it calls OpenStack Icehouse, or OpenStack Version 9 -- can be deployed by customers in their own data centers, at Rackspace or in both locations. 

Features include:

  • Scalability with availability: this is where the 99.999 percent OpenStack API uptime guarantee comes into play, scaling to hundreds of nodes. It also deploys OpenStack services using Linux containers, which allows customers to independently scale each service
  • Application-level automation: through Rackspace DevOps Automation Services, customers can automate their process for deploying and scaling applications by treating their infrastructure as code
  • Hybrid: Customers can use RackConnect® to connect the customer’s Rackspace Private Cloud with the Rackspace Public Cloud

Rackspace Private Cloud is backed with its Fanatical Support. The new release of Rackspace Private Cloud is immediately available in the US and will roll out in Rackspace international data centers in early October 2014.

Hoping for Sunny Days

Rackspace could use momentum through its private cloud, though officials told CMSWire the 16-year company's bread and butter is still managed hosting.

We reported in May Rackspace has seen shares lose as much as 60 percent of their value in the past year.

The company hired Morgan Stanley to help it explore its options, which means that it might be open to an acquisition or partnership deals. In a filing with the Security and Exchange Commission Rackspace wrote, "In recent months, Rackspace has been approached by multiple parties who have expressed interest in exploring a strategic relationship with Rackspace, ranging from partnership to acquisition."