Not one, but two platform-as-a-service (PaaS) announcements hit the wire today. First Flow Corporation announced a new cloud based real-time data platform called Flow Platform, which allows next generation applications, particularly mobile ones, to manage multiple information streams through one interface.

At the same time, Portland, OR based AppFog cloud based hosting service added more to the PaaS fold with the announcement of ClearDB and CloudMailin, which join its established add-on programs for third party service providers.  

Collective Sharing of Real-Time Streams 

For its part, Flow said its vision for PaaS development includes collective sharing of real-time streams across the entire application landscape. This is a brave new world wide web, where one site doesn't dominate, "...but collections of apps 'dominate' by helping each other."

To that end Flow facilitates (with minimum coding effort) the simple and quick development of apps that gain power through collaboration, in a platform that ensures that untangling complicated data streams happens quickly and easily, so that the right information gets to the right people in a timely way.

The technology allows access to real-time streams for developers to:

  • create
  • aggregate
  • filter
  • process
  • route
  • share

The approach is not new, particularly in the financial sector, but according to Flow founder and CEO Eric Alterman, extending access to all sectors is “...making these solutions ubiquitously available across all industry sectors with fast, flexible, and reliable deployments for a fraction of the cost is game-changing."

Paul Burns, President of Neovise, agrees,

This is the beginning of something big -- not just for Flow Corporation, but for a range of applications that have yet to be imagined. The Flow Platform provides all the plumbing developers require to get the right streams of information to the right application and ultimately to the right people."

Flow for Enterprise and Flow for Media Companies

Flow said the company created two deployment solutions, one targeting the Enterprise, with specific content focus on sales leads, job candidates, product information, inventory updates et al. from internal and external data sources. For media companies, the technology focuses on media and news editors giving them "...the ability to mix content streams in a real-time content management solution (CMS) from any number of internal and external sources, using both automatic and ad-hoc (drag-and-drop) content curation tools." 

The New York city based Flow said they will continuing efforts to connect applications on a deeper data level.

AppFog's Adding to its Partners

Meanwhile, AppFog, a cloud based hosting service said it will be adding ClearDB, a fault tolerant database as a service and CloudMailin, providing incoming email for web apps to its program for third party service providers.

Lucas Carlson, founder and CEO of AppFog, said,

We are incredibly pleased with the interest around our add-on program, by the caliber of partners joining us and by the robustness of the resulting developer platforms we provide for our customers. ClearDB and CloudMailin are two more great companies that we feel continue to establish our offering as one of the best available on the market for diversity, simplicity and ease-of-use.”

The AppFog add-on program allows users to access and manage third party SaaS programs through the company's interface. This helps integrate new functionality to combine with existing services, quickly and easily, all in the cloud. The platform supports: PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, Node.js and Perl, that automates the deployment, scaling and management of cloud applications.