Openstack Cloud logoTen weeks after launching the OpenStack "Bexar" release, the OpenStack Cloud Operating System is now ready for commercial deployment with the "Cactus" release. Rackspace Hosting (newssite) has announced major updates to the OpenStack code, which includes three core applications: OpenStack Compute, Object Storage, and the newly added Image Service. The Cactus release is meant as a commercial-grade software intended for large-scale cloud deployment, as it highlights stability and reliability updates.

New OpenStack Features

The Cactus release is intended for deployment by service providers, and includes 40 new features on top of the most recent Bexar release. In an interview with CMSWire, Rackspace Asia vice president and managing director Jim Fagan highlights the commercial-readiness of OpenStack.

Cactus, with over 40 new features and more than 4,700 code contributions, is truly impressive. This new round of code provides the foundation for OpenStack to be commercially ready since it supports all major virtualization platforms and Cloud deployments."

OpenStack Compute has been updated with the following features, among others:

  • Support for virtualization technologies, such as Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, LXC, QEMU, UML, VMware, vSphere, Xen and Xitrix XenServer
  • Live migration support for KVM
  • IPv6 support and other network management enhancements
  • New OpenStack API 1.1, which makes it easy for developers to add extensions
  • Multi-cluster region support
  • Enterprise storage support, including HP SAN and Solaris iSCSI

OpenStack Object Storage has been updated with the following features:

  • Authentication system improvements
  • Enhanced accounting and billing system
  • Static web serving for faster content access

Image Service is a new addition to OpenStack, and works as a discovery, public registration and delivery service for virtual disk images. This component highlights security features, which includes image verification and a command-line tool.

OpenStack Events, Upcoming Releases Announced

The OpenStack community has announced its upcoming OpenStack Design Summit, which will take place in Santa Clara, Calif., on April 26 through 29, 2011. The summit will be used for idea exchange, and to plot the OpenStack roadmap for the next two releases.

The OpenStack community plans to release the next "Diablo" release by July 2011, and member organizations have already submitted proposals for new features and enhancements, which will be reviewed and discussed during the OpenStack Design Summit. Meanwhile, OpenStack will also hold a webinar on April 19 to discuss new Cactus features.

OpenStack Community Growing

OpenStack is a rapidly growing community, with industry players contributing to the code and helping refine the product. Founded by Rackspace and NASA, the OpenStack community now has 60 member organizations, with new additions Cisco, Arista Networks, Gluster, Korea Telecom and StackOps.