Ever wonder what your data does “out there?” Ever wish you could see beyond the present world and into the virtual space? This week, Net Optics, a company known for its intelligent access and monitoring architecture, has released a product designed to help organizations monitor both physical and virtual network traffic.

Managing Data Across Virtual, Physical Worlds

The Phantom Virtual Tap is scalable and offers visibility of traffic between virtual servers (VMs) on a physical server and traffic passing between VMs on hypervisor stacks. By giving enterprise IT managers the ability to monitor, analyze, audit and report on that traffic, companies can have a holistic view of their data, most of which was once practically invisible. The Phantom Virtual Tap replicates traffic passing between virtual network interface controllers (NICs) and pushes it out to both virtual and physical monitoring devices for maximum versatility.

Managed by the Net Optics Indigo Pro™ solution, the Phantom Tap offers a Web-based GUI interface for control.

Phantom Insights

What insight can be gained with this newly gained vision? With Phantom Virtual Tap’s two main components-- Phantom Manager and Monitor -- managers can take a hands-off approach while virtual machines connect to the outside world.

Additionally, by employing Net Optics’ monitoring and auditing capabilities, managers can better manage and secure their converged data centers, regardless of computing platform, while optimizing their computing infrastructure through increased visibility of data center traffic. Put together, Phantom Virtual Tap can help meet security and compliance requirements without having to sacrifice resource management.

Focused on the Future of the Virtual World

Net Optics set out to develop this collection of virtual networking monitoring tools two years ago, but is focused on evolving its presence in the virtual world. It is committed to providing more intelligent monitoring to cloud-based transactions. By catering to the dynamic nature of traffic, Net Optics hopes to better understand how applications are being used by customers, which in turn can help it enhance virtual collaboration within the enterprise.