MicroStrategy Mobile Apps Integrate with Cisco TelePresenceLeading analytics vendor MicroStrategy has built in Cisco's Unified Communications system, nee Jabber (above image), into its Mobile Apps builder so apps can lauch voice and video chats natively.

Mobile Collaboration

Since MicroStrategy is already a Gartner MQ for Business Intelligence leader, it made sense for the company to extend its capabilities with its Mobile App building toolkit. Customers who were already plugged into the company's BI tools could now extend it to custom built mobile apps. Now, MicroStrategy is building out its Mobile Apps tools by adding in Cisco's video collaboration tools, and it's even launched an app store including tutorial videos.

Now whenever a company builds a mobile app with MicroStrategy's tools, it can include instant messaging and video calls as part of the app. That way, there's no having to switch apps, launch a new app or otherwise interrupt other uses of it. During video calls, the video window can be pinched down to suit individual users or particular use cases.

App data can be shared and discussed all in one place with the integration, and the addition could be an interesting boost for both MicroStrategy and Cisco. Cisco can get its newly renamed Unified Communications system in front of a wider audience, and MicroStrategy has another feature it can showcase for its app builder.

Mobile Apps Universe

To help MicroStrategy showcase its Mobile App building prowess, the company has launched the Mobile Apps Universe, its version of an app store. It's a curated list of some of the company's existing partnerships, and customers can peruse the already built apps list to see if they fit a need that can be plugged right in.

There's about 30 apps in the Apps Universe including banking, retail, CRM, and financial specific apps, all built via MicroStrategy Services or its partner network. Additionally, the company has launched a Mobile App Developer Academy, a group of tutorial videos that correspond to certifications. The videos can be found inside an iPad app where developers can get the training they need to take advantage of MicroStrategy's tools.

As an analytics provider, MicroStrategy has a good track record, and so moving even further into mobile is a smart move. We like the video chat integration, but the app store could end up being just as important in terms of getting its current customers excited about what it can do for their mobile apps strategies.