Metalogix said it will purchase Syntergy and integrate its suite of products, including its popular Replicator web platform, into Metalogix' SharePoint content life cycle management solutions portfolio. Syntergy will continue to operate "independently," keeping its Open Text /LiveLink business but Replicator for SharePoint will become part of Metalogix.

Metalogix said it will use the technology to boost SharePoint content life cycle management solutions, "...and give our customers more choice in how they manage, move, store, archive and protect their SharePoint Content,” according to CEO Steven Murphy.

Replicator Battle-Hardened

Replicator for SharePoint is a web-based solution used to synchronize and manage business intelligence in real time across multiple SharePoint environments. Think, "ship to shore, Intranets to extranets," as its website boasts, including an endorsement by the US Navy for information warfare pushing mission-critical data out to the "tactical edge." 

syntergy.pngThe Replicator for SharePoint technology provides for two-way data synchronization by replicating content and settings between server farms, even if they are not identical. This allows organizations with multiple SharePoint servers to have "uninterrupted access to content," the company said, and should "enhance employee productivity and efficiency" and will improve company performance particularly when content is distributed globally.

"Replicator for SharePoint has become the leader in the SharePoint replication market and its ability to allow end users from around the world to work seamlessly on the same content will boost productivity for any organization," said David Seaman, COO, Syntergy. 

Metalogix Upgrades 

The company has been quite active over the past few months with not only acquisitions, but the recent announcement of Migration Manager for SharePoint Public Folders Edition that enables enterprise-level migration of content on Exchange public folders to SharePoint, plus migration speed boosts up to 1000% with its Migration Manager for SharePoint v.5.0, announced in December.