Documentum migrations and integrations of yesteryear were a major pain in the ass. They took months to perform, they were often problematic, and to say they were pricey is an understatement -- not only did they take the business offline, but they often required months of high-cost consulting.


Those days are gone, says Danny Pidutti, Sr. Director of Industry Solutions and Product Marketing at EMC. “Our customers told us that they won’t tolerate the time and expense required for a long transition.”

And when customers talk, not only does EMC Information Intelligence Group (IIG) President Rick Devenuti listen, but he also provides a solution for what ails them.

Later today EMC IIG will unveil EMA (EMC’s Migration Appliance) which was specifically built as a fast and cost-effective solution for supporting enterprises as they transition from Documentum’s 6.5 to Documentum 7.0. Pidutti says that EMA’s automated approach and its capacity to migrate more than 1 million content objects in an hour can reduce migration time by 90% and migration cost by 50 percent.

Or in other words, Documentum upgrades won’t hurt anymore.

EMA will both delight the business and make Information Technology workers look like wizards.

Add to that, that a move from Documentum 6.5 to Documentum 7 provides enterprises with a “cloud ready” option which offers industrial-strength information governance, scalability and performance. But that’s not all. With EMA the time to value is short, leaving IT free to focus on initiatives that help them make or save money.

EMA will be delivered by EMC IIG’s Consulting arm.

Skeptics will no doubt see this as a ploy through which IIG Consulting will reel in some extra dough. But that’s not likely; after all, a short migration time would work against maximizing services income.

A more reasonable argument is that EMC Consulting is going to insure that migrations go smoothly giving customers no reason to explore competitors’ offerings.

Enterprise Content Management On Demand

For current, or prospective, EMC customers who don’t want to be troubled by setting up ECM solutions, operating systems, databases, servers, virtualization infrastructures, security administration, scalability, upgrades, disaster planning, the list goes on … there’s Documentum OnDemand.

Not only does the solution accelerate customer journeys to the cloud, but it also provides them with greater agility and significant cost savings. With EMC OnDemand customers are up-and-running in days, not months; the management of Enterprise applications becomes simplified and more agile; and total cost of ownership is reduced by 30 to 60%, according to EMC.

Add to that, that OnDemand handles many critical but time-consuming requirements by offering best-in-class information security as attested by SSAE16 SOC 2 certification; enhanced operational services in accordance with U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) for public sector customers; a shared risk strategy for healthcare customers demonstrated through EMC’s signing of HIPAA/HITECH business associates agreement (BAA); and for Life Sciences customers, a qualified hosting environment that complies with their validation requirements.

Finally, EMC IIG today unveiled Captiva 7 an essential, easy-to-deploy cloud ready capture technology for customers to build scanning applications embedded within any web-based solution.

More to Come

Later today, EMC IIG will also be showing off its vertical market solution for industries like Healthcare, Life Sciences, Oil and Gas … the list goes on. They too promise to save time and leave little room for error from an implementation perspective. End users who sponsor applications will now have ability to use them ad get work done with a smile.

Syncplicity will also introduce additional file Sync & Share solutions today, the news will follow shortly.


Once upon a time ago Documentum was a solution that end users hated, IT tolerated and developers loved. Those days are gone.

Documentum of the Devenuti era delivers high value cloud solutions that connect information to work, transforming the way business is done. It’s quickly becoming a technology that existing Documentum customers will recommit to and that new customers will want to buy.

Image courtesy of Anna Sedneva (Shutterstock)