Big Data is making a big splash in the enterprise, with big names eager to join the big game. For one, Google has introduced its big-data crunching cloud offering BigQuery. Cloud-services provider Informatica, in turn, has partnered with Google in helping developers and enterprises move large amounts of data across services through Cloud Connector for Google Cloud. This month, Informatica makes it even more intuitive to move and interface big data with its Summer 2012 release.

It's All About the Templates

Informatica is all about helping enterprises do wonders with their data. Informatica highlights the improved productivity in its Summer 2012 release with the simplification of the integration process. For instance, redundancies in building workflows across systems can be taken out, thereby reducing deployment and maintenance costs.

Cloud Integration Templates will enable customers and partners to likewise build and share their own "integration apps" on demand.  

  • Configuration. Cloud integration templates will offer the ability to design cloud data integration tasks without necessarily having knowledge of the underlying technical details. These are done through wizards that will then execute the advanced integration processes.
  • Deployment. Templates also feature a drag-and-drop interface for creating integration applications. These can then be shared and run off of the cloud, or published on the Informatica Marketplace. Developers can also embed these deployments into commercial apps and other platforms.
  • Consumption. Meanwhile, cloud integration templates can easily be searched through the Informatica Marketplace or from the Informatica Cloud service itself. Templates will automatically adjust to changing data source definitions and business rules.

New Data Integration Scenarios

The Informatica Cloud Summer 2012 release also upgrades the Google Cloud Connector Toolkit, which enables native connectivity between cloud and on-premise apps. The toolkit will also support new hierarchical data modeling, allowing new data integration scenarios for apps with complex object relationships.

Informatica has also expanded its coverage for Cloud Data Loader, which allows users to migrate records across cloud apps without the need for additional programming.

Informatica Cloud Summer 2012 is currently in pre-release. Customers get an automatic upgrade once the service gets public release this month.