Seems a lot of people are at the beach or on vacation this week. Which might explain why it's so quiet in the GRC space. That said, SpringCM still managed to release a file syncing app that secures files, Check Point said it will release document security software by the end of the year, BackOffice bought Headwell, and Recommind partners with Hudson.

SpringCM’s New File Syncing

If you missed it earlier in the week SpringCM has announced the release of a file sharing and syncing app that should make the sharing of files a lot more secure across enterprises.

The differentiator here, SpringCM CEO Chris Junker told CMSWire early in the week, is that this is truly a business application.

Junker was at pains to stress that unlike Dropbox or Box, this is for sharing, syncing and collaborating across teams, as opposed to individuals.

This is enabled by one of the really impressive features with the release, which is the level of control that can be applied to the syncing feature.

If, for example, certain elements of a folder need to be synced with someone else, or with another device, it is possible to limit the number of subfolders, or even files that will be synced during that process. Interested in more?

Check Point to Upgrade Doc Security

Also this week, Check Point Software, which released some pretty impressive figures for Q2 during the week -- net profit was US$ 150 million, an increase of 17 percent from 2011's second quarter -- says it will release new document security software towards the end of the year.

According to Check Point, the new software will enable administrators, or document owners, to encrypt and control who has access to files across the organization. Needless to say this will be welcome in the enterprise itself, but with mobile workers this is functionality that is just about mandatory.

The new security offering is the product of the acquisition of Liquid Machines a couple of years ago, and will be available as a SaaS, or for deployments in a private cloud.

With it, it will be possible to assign rights to documents created in Excel, Word and Acrobat with different rights attributed to different users. It will also be accessible on smartphones.

BackOffice Buys Headwell

Meanwhile, information management vendor BackOffice has announced it has acquired Headwall Software, the Canada-based company focused on helping users plan, architect, develop and deploy complex software systems.

Headwall develops products and solutions for large public companies, service providers and start-ups. Terms of the deal, which closed on June 30, were not disclosed.

For BackOffice, it seems that the deal is about expanding geographically. Said David Booth, president and CEO of BackOffice:

We are delighted to be aligning with Headwall Software through this acquisition....This gives us an opportunity to add a new set of solutions and services to our current offerings for customers. Further, it expands our geographic footprint in this important, vibrant region."

BackOffice also said that it expects to expand dramatically over the next couple of years because of the move, and is already talking about creating several hundred jobs over the next couple of years.

Recommind Partner’s With Hudson

Finally, this week, Recommind has announced that it is teaming up with Hudson Legal to offer users a fully-integrated on-demand managed review solution.

With this partnership, e-Discovery vendor Hudson Legal will be named as a Recommind Certified Predictive Coding Partner. The result will be a combination of Recommind’s early case assessment, predictive analytics and predictive coding solutions with Hudson Legal's project management expertise, review logistic.

Tony Caputo, vice president, channels at Recommind said of the partnership:

By integrating Recommind's Axcelerate On-Demand solution with Hudson Legal's trained team of document reviewers, clients will benefit from cost effective access to a team of experts trained in the most efficient document review methodology available.”

Recommind has been busy over the past few months and has made a number of interesting partnerships, including the New York Bar Association in February. Lots more legal firms out there that could use Recommind's predictive coding.